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Alalea is a project created by Mother (Ala) and Daughter (Lea).

Hi, I’m Alicja. I’m a graphic designer and a photographer. Lea is the love of my life and my main inspiration. We form an inseparable duet: alalea based in Poland.

We love animals, illustrations, nature and our activities. That’s why the idea for alalea came up quite naturally. Although I am a designer, it is Lea who gives ideas for most of my works. She inspires me and I consult all my projects with her.

Our pictures, though addressed to kids, are also meant for adults. So, if you are an adult and you like them, just go for it!

Feel welcome!


All our work is done on recycled paper from sustainable sources and has the Carbon Neutral certificate. We also use biodegradable materials to wrap the products.

We reduce, reuse, recycle and don’t waste anything.


Animals are important to us and we care about them very much. That’s why we give 5% of each product sold to trustworthy organizations that really help animals.

Organizations that we support:

Otwarte Klatki / their aim is to prevent animal suffering by implementing bottom-up social changes, documenting the factory farming conditions and promoting positive attitude towards animals. More:

Fundacja Czarna Owca / they rescue animals, find new homes for them and educate people on animal right issues. More: